Community fundraising

Community fundraising – we need YOU!

Would you like to supportHeart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) but aren't sure where to start? There are many different and creative ways you can fundraise. It doesn't matter whether you're an individual, group or business – with an interest in supporting those fortunate enough to gain a second chance at life, your fundraising can be a great success.

As a fundraising organiser, you're making a special contribution to the lives of so many. HLTTV greatly appreciates and values your contribution.

 Events and activities can raise significant funds and make a huge impact on the lives of those in the transplant journey. Remember, HLTTV is here to help you plan along the way.

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Registering your event or activity

If you plan to raise funds for Heart and Lung Transplant Trust Victoria, you need to make sure your event or activity is registered and authorised. Some activities and events may require additional permits and/ or licenses. For more information, please contact us.

How we can help you

HLTTV can provide useful tips, advice and support for your fundraising event or activity. For example, we can provide tax deductible receipts to donors and much more.

HLTTV also has a GoFundraise portal, CLICK HERE to make a donation...

Great fundraising ideas

HLTTV has developed the best 13 fundraising ideas. By the way, if you think of other creative ideas please let us know!

1. Host a dinner

Invite 10 close friends and ask them each to donate a sum, for example, $50 or $75 per head, which equals what they may pay for a really nice night out at a restaurant. Provide a three-course meal and wine and you could raise up to $1,000.

2. Trivia or quiz night

Book the local school or church hall, invite friends over and set up teams of five. If you can enough people to form 10 teams and everyone pays $20 to come along you could raise $500–$1,000. Make the event a BYO platter to reduce catering costs. HLLTV already has quiz / questions / answers available on request to make it even easier.

3. Street BBQ

Set up a BBQ in the street – let everyone know it’s on and sell sausages @ $3 and burgers @ $5 – all for a great cause. This activity could raise over $400.

4. Wine tasting night

Invite friends over and charge an entry fee to attend. Provide a variety a wines along with cheese and biscuits. The wine could be donated by a local bottle shop or local winery. Invite the owner of the business to attend and promote their product on the night. You could have a blind tasting with the winner getting a prize. 25 friends @ $25 per head = $625 raised.

5. Film night

Approach a local cinema and book out one of the theatres for a set time. The cinema will give a discount for these large bookings. You charge $30 per person to attend, have finger food and drinks on arrival. You could run a small raffle at the event. These events can raise over $2,000+.

6. Lawn bowls

Book a local club – they will usually provide it for free or very low cost if it is a charity event. The club may provide coaches for free to help teach the teams the rules. This is a great family event. 64 people bowling at $10 a head = $640 raised.

7. Community garage sale

Get together with local neighbours and put on a combined street garage sale. This will attract many more visitors than usual. Explain to customers that all money raised is going to charity – which means they may be willing to pay a bit more than usual. You would need to have appropriate signage to advertise that it is a charitable event.

8. Card night

Invite the lads or ladies over for a card night. Set an entrance fee and use betting chips. Winner of the night gets a prize (eg dinner for two at a local restaurant) which has been donated. 8 people over at $50 = $400 raised.

9. Fashion night

Approach a local fashion outlet and ask them to host a fashion night. Invite all your friends with a set entrance fee, which goes to HLTTV. The fashion outlet potentially makes money on any sales. The store will often donate an item that can be auctioned for charity. Provide champagne and nibbles on arrival. 20 friends at $50 = $1,000.

10. Art night

Approach you local school or kindergarten. The children, with help from the art teacher, paint a family portrait on canvas. Then host an Art Show where the works are displayed. Provide drinks and nibbles. Place red dots on sold items. All items are one set price of $25 per artwork. Every family will buy their own child’s work. This can easily raise over $1,000+.

11. Karaoke night

Book the local pub or club that has a karaoke facility (or hire a karaoke machine). Invite all your friends with a set entrance fee, which goes to HLTTV. 20 friends at $50 = $1,000.

12. Fast for a day

Perhaps take on the challenge of going without food for one day, get family, friends and work colleagues to sponsor you. You will be quite amazed at how much you can make. Make sure you drink plenty or water though! 20 sponsors at $20 each = $400 raised

13. Restaurant – a night to remember

This is the big one. Work closely with a restaurant – you would need to book the entire venue. Agree that the restaurant keeps price point at a minimum which is their contribution to HLTTV (ie they are waiving their profit for the night). Book the facility on their quiet night which is often a Monday or Tuesday. The restaurant is getting potential future customers. Allow BYO. Provide a set menu. Invite all family and friends to book a table. Conduct auctions and raffles during the night. It may be possible to make between $5,000 to $10,000.

What to do next?

  • Contact HLTTV to register your event before you commence your planning at
  • HLTTV will send you a Fundraising Information Pack
  • Conduct your event
  • Take photos and send us a short editorial for our website and Circulator newsletter
  • Transfer funds to HLTTV (Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible)