Provide general assistance (including accommodation, equipment and related services or financial assistance with any such matters), peer support and encouragement for all pre and post heart and lung transplant patients, their families and/or their carers

The need for peer support provided the impetus to form the Family Fund, the forerunner to HLTTV. The time waiting for a transplant or recovering from a recent transplant operation can be stressful and financially challenging for patients, their families or their carers. It is well known that people with good support do better both mentally and physically. The support provided by others who have had the same or similar experiences can help through difficult times.

Raise funds and accept donations as appropriate for the transplant clinics at The Alfred

Many of us joined HLTTV to give something back by supporting fellow patients and The Alfred. Money received through generous donations, or raised from raffles and other fundraising activities, is used to purchase medical equipment, fund transplant-related research or anything else that can assist The Alfred's Transplant Unit or associated wards.

Provide relevant information and encourage healthy lifestyle choices to ensure the maintenance of optimal physical health

Being as well as possible before your transplant will make it easier for you and your organ to stay healthy afterwards. Good nutrition and healthy living are important both before and after your transplant.

Engender fraternal feelings amongst pre and post heart and lung transplant patients and their families through social activities

The Christmas and Easter BBQs have always been well attended and provide a great chance to meet others. Other social events will be held from time to time.

Promote the recognition and acknowledgment of the donor and donor family

Those of us who are alive today because we received a transplant hope that donor families feel a sense of comfort in knowing that because of their decision to donate, someone will live and other families will be saved the pain of a loved one's death. HLTTV supports the Annual Thanksgiving Service and also encourages its members to participate to remember and acknowledge the many people who have given the "Gift of Life".

Increase public awareness of the need for organ donation

There are nearly two thousand Australians currently on waiting lists and sadly some patients will die before a suitable organ becomes available. HLTTV members actively promote organ donation. The most crucial aim of HLTTV is to increase the number of registrations on the Australian Organ Donor Register.

Communicate to members and other interested parties through a periodic newsletter

Keep membership informed as to what HLTTV is doing through our periodic newsletter, The Circulator.

Inform the public in the prevention of diseases that may result in organ transplantation

There are a large number of diseases and conditions that may result in someone needing an organ transplant. Some of these conditions are a result of genetic factors, some of lifestyle, and some are a combination of both. Organ transplantation is a last resort, but there are lots of things that people with, or at risk of, heart or lung conditions, can do to avoid the need for transplantation. If we can educate the public to prevent a life-saving transplant being necessary, it decreases the burden for all transplant clinics.

Consider and deal with all matters submitted to HLTTV by any member

To consider and deal with matters raised by members relating to HLTTV's aims.

Represent the interests of its members in any appropriate forum

To consider and deal with matters relating to HLTTV's aims to any other body.

Foster links with other bodies with similar interests in the pursuit of these objectives

There are a number of transplant associations who share similar interests. We need to combine efforts to stimulate public response to the need for organ donation.

Procure the provision of (on its own or in conjunction with other bodies) accommodation and associated goods and services primarily to pre and post heart and lung transplant patients and/or their families and/or carers, and also to other patients of the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne and/or their families and/or carers

Being near the Alfred either pre or post transplant, as is medically necessary, can be a significant cost for patients and their carers. The trust will consider providing subsidised accommodation for such patients.

Undertake to do all things which are necessary, incidental or conductive to the advancement of these objectives