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Making a difference: how you can help

The Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) receives little Government funding and is reliant on generosity from supporters, the corporate sector and other key organisations.

Importantly, the HLTTV is a tax-deductible gift recipient. All of our committee give their time on a voluntary basis and we employ no paid staff.

HLTTV accepts donations, raises funds and makes direct financial contributions to The Alfred transplant clinics for the purchase of specific equipment and provision of special programs. From time to time we also assist individuals financially, guided by the advice of transplant services at The Alfred.

Over the last few years, HLTTV has provided a variety of financial support to The Alfred, including

  • purchased treadmills and exercise bikes to the Transplant Physiotherapy Gym, used continually by pre and post transplant patients
  • refurbished consulting rooms in the Transplant Clinic
  • purchased IT equipment for The Alfred, and
  • furnished a ‘quiet room’ for families on the Heart Transplant Ward.

HLTTV offers a 'fitness grant' to its post-transplant members to assist in expenditure for personal fitness activities or equipment. The idea is to help post-transplant members to maintain fitness and general well-being by partially reimbursing for fitness and/or well-being expenditure.

Much of our fundraising is dedicated to support the Second Chance Accommodation Program.

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