Driving and working

Driving again

Return to driving is considered six to eight weeks following discharge from hospital. At this stage a screening assessment is conducted by the Occupational Therapist, addressing concentration, memory, physical endurance and visual acuity.

You will be required to notify your insurance company of the change in your medical status following transplant and they may require a doctor's letter stating that you are safe to return to driving.

Returning to work

Return to work or vocational goals are usually addressed from four to six months post transplant. The Occupational Therapist can assist with establishing goals, assessing your ability to return to work and establishing a graded return to work program.

For those receiving Disability Support Pensions and other social welfare payments your entitlement can be reviewed randomly at any stage pre or post transplant by Centrelink.

This is undertaken in consultation with the treating staff. Reviewing your entitlements is based upon your medical and functional status. Recommendations may include: continuation of current payments, transfer to alternative benefits or referral to a vocation-based rehabilitation program.

The Department of Human Services offer employment and assessment services to people with a disability, injury or health condition.

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