Robert Webber

Full name: Robert Paul Webber

Place of birth:
Kew, Victoria, Australia

Marital status:
Married to my wonderful wife, Angela.

Family status:
Three children - Michael, Paula & Debra. Four grandchildren - Kaisha, Jessica, Cameron, Benjamin.

Two cats - Bonnie & Clyde.

Are you working:
Yes, full time in sales administration for a computer company.

Type of transplant:
Heart, at age 48.

Date of transplant:

Reason for transplant:
I was suffering from cardiomyopathy.

Where and when were you when you got 'The Call':
I was asleep, the call came at 5am from Louise (co-ordinator). We usually have the phone in the bedroom and for the first time we left it in the lounge room, my wife and I fell over each other to get to it - my wife was too quick for me (but it may be a different story now).

I was actually hoping it wasn't my call as they had an unusually busy fortnight and I thought that they may have been too tired! When I realized it was my call I was quite excited. I then phoned my two children (one was living at home at the time), my mother and my in-laws and drove into the hospital, where I was met by Wendy (clinic nurse), who was wonderful to us. After I was prepped by a caring nurse named Lou, I was wheeled up to theatre with my wife and Wendy by my side. I must have dozed off for a while and when we stopped at the lift I woke up and asked if it was all over!! Wishful thinking!!

Your most memorable moment surround the transplant:
Due to my condition, I was kept sedated for a week, and the first words I heard were from wife saying "do your breathing exercises, Meroula (cardiologist) is coming".

Apparently I kept trying to pull my ventilator out, because if I was breathing OK I could have it taken out, so Angela was repeating it over and over to me, working on my subconscious - it worked and I got rid of it, and came out of intensive care the next day. Another memorable moment was when two young doctors (Justin & Danny) were trying to put a pie line in - with NO success!

A funny memory regarding you transplant: One night I came back from the toilet to find my stuffed bear (which my daughters gave me) had donned a stethoscope, glasses and reading a book, and was sitting up in bed. Of course "Lou" wouldn't have had anything to do with the extra patient!!

No time for hobbies, too busy working and spending time with the family. But I do walk most days with my wife. Perhaps one day I'll go back to playing lawn bowls.

Favourite country:
Australia (why would you want to live anywhere else)

Favourite place:
Anywhere outside the city.

Favourite food:
Risotto / Lasagna / Chicken dishes.

When I reflect back over my experience, there are so many memories I have.

The support from the hospital staff was absolutely incredible, they were like a family to me. I knew they were always there for me. I could never thank them enough. The expertise, caring and dedication of the doctors who gave me a second chance at life, I will never forget, Thank you.

I can't imagine what my family went through, but they too were there for me all the time and never complained. The dedication of my family helped me get through it all; thank you to my wife Angela, son Michael, daughters Paula and Debra, their partners Renee, Adam and Dayle, my mother Vivienne and sister Sue, my in-laws Marie and Alf, my very special friend Jennifer and husband Mac, all very special people, thank you.

In finishing I would like to thank the donor family for my incredible gift, I think of them constantly and can't believe how lucky I am to have a second chance, thank you.