Lyn Budge

Passed away (April 2015)

My journey started in 1985, following a bout of gastro. I developed cardiomyopathy and was transferred to St.Vincent’s in Sydney for assessment for a transplant. After being added to the waiting list, I spent the next 11 months in and out of hospital. Then on Thursday 31 October 1985 due to my deterioration an urgent call was put out for a heart (I was given a week to live at the time if I did not receive a new heart). The call came through at 5pm on Tuesday 5 November (Melbourne Cup Day). I arrived in Sydney at 10.30pm and was in theatre by 2.30am on Wednesday 6 November. I was very lucky as my donor was a 98% match.

Over the past 21 years I have seen my son grow from a three year old into at fine young man of 24. I have attended nine of 10 National Transplant Games, starting with the first Games held over a weekend in Melbourne in 1988. The games are now a week long major event with competitors from all States and Territories represented as well as many international competitors. I have made many friends from all over the country through these Games.

In 1997 I competed at my first World Transplant Games in Sydney. Since then I have attended World Games in Hungary, Japan and Canada.

After attending the Games in Budapest, Hungary, I travelled to London, England with a friend for 5 wonderful days. The air travel from these Games and the trip to London, gave my friend and me a free airfare to Singapore. So another fabulous 5 days was had sightseeing and shopping.

After the Games in London, Canada (a lovely city between Toronto and Niagara Falls), I spent another 5 days with a friend sightseeing (not too much shopping) and travelling around south-east Canada. I am looking forward to the next National Games in Perth in October 2008 and the World Transplant Games on the Gold Coast in 2009.

I still travel to Sydney once a year for a check-up, and things are still going well.

I treasure the memories and friendships I have made over the past 21 years, those that I would not have had except for someone’s generous gift. I don’t think any of us can express appropriately the gratitude we feel for our donors and their families.

I am currently Treasurer of both The Alfred Heart and Lung Transplant Trust and Transplant Australia Ltd (Vic/Tas). This is my way of saying thank-you to my donor and his family by promoting organ and tissue donation and the success of transplantation

And I intend to be around for many more years.

Lyn Budge

Ed Note: Lyn forgot to mention that she also works part-time and regularly plays Lawn Bowls and Billiards – a very busy person still finding time to ‘give back’. Congratulations and bests wishes Lyn.