Jane Fletcher

1. FULL NAME: Jane Fletcher.


3. BIRTHPLACE: England.

4. TYPE OF TRANSPLANT, AT WHAT AGE? Double Lung at 25 (1993).

5. WHY DID YOU NEED A TRANSPLANT? Idiopathic bronchiolitis obliterans!!!!! (WoW! - Ed.)

6. WHEN WAS THE OPERATION? 25th October 1993 .

7. ARE YOU WORKING? Yes - full time in cancer control, have my own small private psychological practice (Saturday mornings) and am completing a PhD - just a few things on at the moment

8. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE "CALL" CAME? At my then boyfriends house. It was 1.30am and I had just gone to bed as I had an assignment due the next day. I was thought it was my boyfriends pager going off and was moaning and complaining and then the phone rang...and the rest is history.

9. HOBBIES: Reading, Yoga, Dancing, Music, Opera, going out and having a great time, traveling, theatre.

10. FAVOURITES: PLACE, MUSIC, FOOD, COUNTRY? Fav place - wherever I am, fav music - too varied to pick one type but I do like jazz, fav food - I am a vegetarian and love risotto, fav country - Italy and Ireland, but love Australia.

11. WHO INSPIRED YOU WHEN YOUNG? My parents - they gave me so much and encouraged me every step of the way. I would not be the person I am today without their support.

12. WHO NOW? So many people have adversity in life and go on to achieve amazing things and these people are an inspiration. I am inspired by so many simple things in life - a child as it takes its first steps. I think each an every one of us is an inspiration in some way.

13. MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT OF THE TRANSPLANT PROCESS? Waking up in ICU and realizing that I could take a breath and that the wall of pain that had been there for so long was no longer there. I was making the thumbs up sign and trying to shake everyone's hand. Did not like the intubation tube - just wanted to talk without being breathless

14. FUNNY/EMBARRASSING THING DURING TRANSPLANTATION? Oh so many things in my life are funny or embarrassing - promising to kiss the young intensivist if he removed the intubation tube. Asking for a cup of tea as soon as the tube was removed (how English). I think my boyfriend fainting before I even went to theatre was pretty funny.

15. PRICELESS MEMORY? I can't pick one. Life since transplant has been so full and filled with some many memories. Graduating from University. Traveling overseas. Someone asked me once what makes my heart sing, I answered to feel the sun on my face. It is priceless just to be alive!


*(You got that right, Jane. Ed!!)