David Lawley

David Lawley (lung transplant 1995) took over, as editor, in Nov 99 after being ‘dobbed in’ by Sue Tamblyn and his wife Janice Davey ‘as something to keep him off the streets’.

After 5 years David was looking to retire so he placed an advertisement in the 3rd Quarter 2004 edition of The Circulator announcing his retirement (even including his name along with the title ex Editor).

Why did David’s name still appear as Editor during some of the following years? The answer was that there were no takers! And of course he couldn’t leave HLTTV in the ‘lurch’. He also stepped in briefly once again after Kevin Williams had to vacate the post because of other commitments.

David said that he couldn’t have undertaken the task of Editor without Janice’s support over the years. David and Janice are both Committee Members. David was not only Editor but was HLTTV's Secretary and Public Officer.

They have both been actively involved in the Christmas and Easter BBQs organizing some of the supplies, being BBQ chefs and selling raffle tickets - and most of all welcoming new people and encouraging non members to join HLTTV. After a career as an Architectural Draughtsman and then ‘voluntary’ Editor, these days David can be found enjoying hobbies such as playing the piano or at the computer. He enjoys story writing - see David’s poems SUNNY and BUT.

David even took up bike riding – thoroughly enjoying this except, perhaps, on the one occasion when he had to be rescued from the bushes! At other times he enjoys lazing about with his cat and dog. David has also been involved in giving talks at the hospital to new patients.


He was there
At my heel-
Friendly Kelpie-all smiles,
Walking, dreaming through
The bushland past the creek,
Seeking-who knows what?

He ran off-
Full of life
Chasing rabbits-or a smell-
Then down to drink his fill,
Slurping ripples in reflected skies
Seeing-who knows what?

I have been where
He walks dreaming-
I dreamed too, when breath
Was short and life seemed drear,

When thoughts of death
Were not thoughts of fear.

But those bright eyes
Kept me alive;
Come down and drink with me
They said, and run with me

The wild run of life again-
Do not despair, He was there!!


Is it my reflection
In that puddle?
It should not be-
I should not feel the rain
Upon my head or feel
The wind that blows
The rain in my eyes-
Is it rain?


Another day-
The blue of the sky,
The Sun, the gentle breeze
That sends scents of greener grasses
Than ever were before.
I should not see or feel
The turning Earth beneath me-
Is this me?


My tears of joy drop down
To join the crystal dew-
A potent brew that distills
Into the breath of life itself;


Now another spirit travels with me-
A gift which spins in synchronicity
Down my tight spiral of time.
We are the double-helix-
We are dancers to the
Music of life…..
No buts!