Robert Webber

FULL NAME: Robert Paul Webber

PLACE OF BIRTH: Kew, Victoria, Australia

MARITAL STATUS: Married to my wonderful wife, Angela.

FAMILY STATUS: Three children - Michael, Paula & Debra. Four grandchildren - Kaisha, Jessica, Cameron, Benjamin.

PETS: Two cats - Bonnie & Clyde.

ARE YOU WORKING? Yes, full time in sales administration for a computer company.

TYPE OF TRANSPLANT: Heart, at age 48.



WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOU GOT YOUR CALL FOR YOUR TRANSPLANT: I was asleep, the call came at 5am from Louise (co-ordinator). We usually have the phone in the bedroom and for the first time we left it in the lounge room, my wife and I fell over each other to get to it - my wife was too quick for me (but it may be a different story now).

I was actually hoping it wasn't my call as they had an unusually busy fortnight and I thought that they may have been too tired!! When I realized it was my call I was quite excited. I then phoned my two children (one was living at home at the time), my mother and my in-laws and drove into the hospital, where I was met by Wendy (clinic nurse), who was wonderful to us. After I was prepped by a caring nurse named Lou, I was wheeled up to theatre with my wife and Wendy by my side. I must have dozed off for a while and when we stopped at the lift I woke up and asked if it was all over!! Wishful thinking!!

WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS FROM THE TRANSPLANT: Due to my condition, I was kept sedated for a week, and the first words I heard were from wife saying "do your breathing exercises, Meroula (cardiologist) is coming".

Apparently I kept trying to pull my ventilator out, because if I was breathing OK I could have it taken out, so Angela was repeating it over and over to me, working on my subconscious - it worked and I got rid of it, and came out of intensive care the next day. Another memorable moment was when two young doctors (Justin & Danny) were trying to put a pie line in - with NO success!!

A FUNNY MEMORY REGARDING YOUR TRANSPLANT: One night I came back from the toilet to find my stuffed bear (which my daughters gave me) had donned a stethoscope, glasses and reading a book, and was sitting up in bed. Of course "Lou" wouldn't have had anything to do with the extra patient!!

HOBBIES; No time for hobbies, too busy working and spending time with the family. But I do walk most days with my wife. Perhaps one day I�ll go back to playing lawn bowls.

FAVOURITE COUNTRY: Australia (why would you want to live anywhere else)

FAVOURITE PLACE; Anywhere outside the city.

FAVORITE FOOD: Risotto / Lasagna / Chicken dishes.

When I reflect back over my experience, there are so many memories I have.

The support from the hospital staff was absolutely incredible, they were like a family to me. I knew they were always there for me. I could never thank them enough. The expertise, caring and dedication of the doctors who gave me a second chance at life, I will never forget, Thank you.

I can't imagine what my family went through, but they too were there for me all the time and never complained. The dedication of my family helped me get through it all; thank you to my wife Angela, son Michael, daughters Paula and Debra, their partners Renee, Adam and Dayle, my mother Vivienne and sister Sue, my in-laws Marie and Alf, my very special friend Jennifer and husband Mac, all very special people, thank you.

In finishing I would like to thank the donor family for my incredible gift, I think of them constantly and can't believe how lucky I am to have a second chance, thank you.