Bill Vickers

The vision of one heart transplantee has begun to take shape in Barmah.

Bill Vickers had his transplant in 2003 and saw the need for heart/lung transplant patients and their carers to have a place for respite during the wait for their transplant and afterwards during rehabilitation.

Bill has worked tirelessly to realise his dream and has subdivided his own land in Barmah to provide the foundation site for the holiday house.

The local community has been extremely supportive and the dedicated committee, which has been formed, have continued to build upon the goodwill which has been established.

Currently much fundraising activity is being undertaken in the local area with a great deal of success House plans have been drawn up by a transplant patient and it is hoped that the two bedroom house will be completed by the end of the year.

Accommodation at the house would be free of charge to both heart and/or lung transplant patients. Assistance with transport to the house is currently being investigated. The house has easy access to a store, cafe and hotel.

Barmah is situated on the Murray River near Echuca. In the event of an emergency it is close to Echuca which has an airport which is approximately 20 minutes flying time to Essendon Airport.

Bill requested that HLTTV undertake the booking officer role for the Heart to Heart Foundation Inc. home once it is completed.

Bill explained that because the Heart to Heart Foundation Committee was generally made up of people living in the surrounding area, having a city based person would be an advantage.

HLTTV agreed to provide the booking officer and Gerry Griffin volunteered to undertake the role. If anyone feels inclined to support this undertaking donations may be made to the Secretary

See the brochure and photos of the Heart-To-Heart House here

(ed note: since writing this, the Heart to Heart House has been completed and bookings can be made direct, details here)