Alfred outpatient clinic

Alfred outpatient clinic


The Alfred is planning to convert the current respiratory (including lung transplant and CF) outpatient clinic back to ward space. The hospital is currently surveying patients and carers at the clinic to gather information in preparation for the move. A copy of the information provided by the hospital and the survey questions are attached to this email.

While we are pleased that The Alfred is asking patients for their opinions, the HLTTV is concerned that the questions on the survey are very general and don’t specifically ask for opinions on the proposed move. We are also concerned that the survey does not provide actual details about the proposed move – such as where in the hospital the clinic might move to. 

Late last year, members of the HLTTV committee met with lung transplant clinic and hospital administration staff to discuss a number of issues, which included our concerns about the lack of space in the current outpatient clinic, and increasing waiting times for outpatient appointments. We are concerned that this proposed move could make the outpatient clinic experience worse, especially if the new clinic space is smaller and has fewer consulting rooms.

The HLTTV wants to encourage anyone who goes to The Alfred for their outpatient transplant/respiratory appointments to complete the survey and share their thoughts. We encourage you to answer the questions on the survey, but to also give your opinions on any issues that could either be improved or made worse by moving – such as waiting areas, consulting rooms, infection control, timing of appointments, privacy etc.

We believe that it is vital that the opinions and experiences of patients and carers are taken into account throughout the planning process for the move. Staff at the clinic have told us that they are also very keen for patients and carers to express their opinions on the proposed move. Surveys are currently available in the respiratory outpatient clinic (5B) or you can respond to this email address: . Survey responses close on 10 February 2017.

Without our feedback the HLTTV is concerned that the proposed move will not meet our community’s needs. If you have any questions, please email me: or speak to a senior staff member at the respiratory clinic. 

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